Avenida Escazu. Live. Work. Play.

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3 min readJul 25, 2019

Like most places around the world, developers true goal is to create places that are timeless. They seek to build communities, and hope that they become not only iconic, but are able to stand the test of time, and trends and the next one around the corner. It is a tough task in the ever competitive world, and one that well known developers Portafolio Inmobilario sought to achieve with their aggressive plans to create Avenida Escazu. Situated in the heart of Escazu, as the name so elementarily describes, the vision set out to design, build and deliver an urban lifestyle development that is dissected by an avenue that allows both vehicular access, and parallel pedestrian browsing. The carefully designed master plan includes multiple hotels including the Marriott Courtyard and another 5 star hotel in the future, as well as an IMAX theater, PF Changs, and several other international themed restaurants, as well as coffee shops, retail clothing stores, doctors’ offices as well as professional offices. Along with the commercial offering, staying true to the mixed use nature, Avenida Escazu also offers loft residential options for those who wish to live, work and play in the same space. ( Inquire for current availability )

In what has become a rare case in today’s world, the developer’s vision truly has delivered not only the diversity of the offering at Avenida Escazu, but more importantly on the creation of a destination. Avenida Escazu is a destination for professionals who come to work every day in their offices, who combine the professional setting inside their offices, with the casual and inviting setting down below which allow them to enjoy an executive lunch, or post office cocktails with colleagues and friends. It has become a destination for the community who appreciate the wide variety of dining options including PF Changs, Saga, Hamburguesia, Bulali for a lighter fare, Divina Comida or the many fast food options in the food court for a quick bite before catching a movie. It has also become a destination for families, and or their younger children, teen children or adult children who find not only the amenities that they can enjoy, but an outdoor Avenue, to share and create lifelong memories.

As Avenida Escazu continues to grow, the diversity and maturity of the destination becomes more evident as new restaurants and shops continue to arrive, but the most recent addition was a first ever US Higher education branch, with the inauguration of Texas Tech University opening their doors in the newest building across from the food court and theater. The thriving urban lifestyle center continues to be cutting edge with regards not only to the design and setting, but to the tenant mix and offering to ensure that the destination can and will continue to be the place to be in Escazu.