View of the front of the house.

Casa Penta is an extraordinary, first-class, and well-thought-out residence with three stunning stories that was built and designed by its current owner, a renowned architect in the area. Moreover, it is located in an exclusive, gated community in Manuel Antonio which offers both security and privacy, and unique views of the rainforest and dramatic mountains of Cerro Nara. This house combines the finest design, exclusive location, and a plethora of options to transform it either into your home, or the perfect vacation rental.

The design of the house features an abundance of picture windows that offer plenty of natural light; consequently, people who work or study from home will find themselves motivated to be more productive, calmer, and overall with a better mood. You can also witness the clouds forming over the majestic mountains in the distance and constant evolution of the views, all while you drink coffee from any of the three balconies that overlook the valleys and hills teeming with wildlife. This modern yet organic design is characterized by the simplicity of sharp, straight lines of metal, glass, and concrete, but softened through the use of organic materials such as wood and bamboo to add warmth.

The view from the loft

Often, one of the biggest concerns when living in a gated community is the fact that the property isn’t big enough, and therefore privacy becomes an issue. However, residents of this community enjoy the privacy of their space due to the ample lots that this development offers. Its exclusive location offers the best of both worlds; on one hand, this first-class, gated community takes security very seriously, as it offers guards 24/7, allowing you to rest comfortably knowing that you are in a safe place. On the other hand, unlike many other gated communities, it offers spacious lots of over 5000 Sqm, perfect to have enough space to enjoy the surrounding green areas.

Another unique feature of the residence located in El Salto, Manuel Antonio is its potential to be transformed and fit your needs. This house offers more than the perfect space, distribution, and design to make it your home; also, it has great potential as an investment because of its price. For example, it has enough space to be expanded by adding a pool, additional bedrooms or even the integration of a yoga deck. Whether you expand on its already beautiful design or leave it as it is, this house is sure to delight all your senses with its cutting edge style and potential. In sum, don’t miss the opportunity to transform this space into either a personal home, a vacation rental property or just your own combination of a “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”