This Bali-style complex has an unparalleled location in one of the Gold Coast’s most appealing destinations.

The quiet beachfront presents the stunning turquoise waters, gorgeous white sands and soothing atmosphere of a genuine tropical paradise. Despite being just minutes away from one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations, you experience none of the hustle and bustle, immersing yourself in the laid back lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

For surfers especially, a secluded beach tends to be the best spot for testing their skills, as there’s not nearly as much attention to be paid to swimmers and more casual beachgoers. That’s why Playa Avellanas has quickly positioned itself as a favorite for surfers in Guanacaste.

Just imagine opening your eyes as soon as the glorious Pacific sun rays illuminate your room, and what you see from the comfort of your room is the rocking surf washing on the sand. Casa Samoa offers this innate luxury and makes it an essential part of its ethos.

Fully embodying an elegant tropical aesthetic that plays around its Bali-style, Casa Samoa stands out as an oasis amidst the paradisiacal setting it inhabits. Just steps away from the phenomenal surf breaks of Playa Avellanas, this property comes with a layout perfect for establishing a bed & breakfast, with independent rooms and their respective ensuite bathrooms separated from the living area, and a second floor apartment (also with its own ensuite bathroom) offering a more spacious option.

The front porch boasts three vehicle car ports that border a Yoga Studio that shares the beach views from the entrance of the property. The surrounding lush tropical gardens, with their tall palm trees, give an immediate sense of arrival that permeates all of Casa Samoa, including its teal-stoned swimming pool.

Given its layout and direct access to some of the best beachfront restaurants in town in La Purruja and Lola’s, Casa Samoa presents a perfect investment opportunity for those seeking to expand the property to a boutique hotel, while also serving perfectly as a sumptuous residence right in front of the calming atmosphere and amazing surf breaks that have made Avellanas such an enticing destination.