Montezuma’s unmatched appeal

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3 min readMay 26, 2023


This iconic beach town in the Nicoya Peninsula shines for its paradisiacal surroundings, bohemian vibes, and growth in tourism infrastructure.

Like many current highlights of Costa Rica’s impressive roster of world-class beaches, the history behind Montezuma is one of accelerated success and strategic growth. 50 years ago this gorgeous stretch of the Pacific coast was just starting to be accessible, with the construction of a road connecting Montezuma with Cobano. Nowadays, this is one of the most iconic beaches the country has to offer, but to fully grasp the many riches of this beach town, one has to take a look at its history.

60 years ago, Montezuma was Costa Rica’s main port for agricultural exports, given the closeness to Guanacaste’s fertile activity. The port was relatively small, which made it a very clean and pristine location where its lush natural surroundings were never at jeopardy. When the road to Cobano was established, the port was no longer needed, so Montezuma began to transform. First, it became a quaint fisher village, and it stayed that way up until electricity arrived in 1986.

By the mid and late 80s, the first groups of European, North American and South American visitors arrived, marveled by the paradisiacal environment and enveloping sense of calmness. Soon enough, many decided to settle in town, and Montezuma’s identity as a bohemian and multicultural location started to be cemented. The vibrant local culture and the diversity of its international community are deeply ingrained, offering any visitor a unique experience where the only requirement is enjoying the peacefulness of this tropical oasis.

Ever since its breakthrough as a destination, Montezuma has seen a significant growth in terms of tourism and leisure infrastructure, boasting first-class amenities and comforts ready to host all kinds of tourists. Nevertheless, Montezuma’s slow pace of life and natural magic are still the core features of this wondrous beach town in the Nicoya Peninsula.

Enjoy the bohemian vibes showcased by Montezuma’s residents, and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle surrounded by stunning waterfalls, secluded beaches and charming biodiversity everywhere you look. Taste the world class cuisine and experience the myriad of activities that make this such a lively community of locals and expats. Test your surfing skills, or hike your way to magnificent natural spectacles. All of these are some of the many reasons why you should consider Montezuma as the place to settle in the Nicoya Peninsula, a magical setting where you’ll feel like you’re on an endless vacation.