Ojochal, a place to discover!

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4 min readJan 16, 2020

One of Costa Rica’s BEST KEPT SECRETS is a small town on the Southern Pacific Coast which combines a magical setting of rolling hills, stunning ocean views, an amazing gastronomic scene, a diverse international populace and a strong sense of community. As one reads the highlight reel of attributes it is almost impossible not to be intrigued by a place which has garnered very little public attention but which has evolved into one of the most magical places in Costa Rica to live, retire or to visit and experience this laid back and sophisticated destination. Where is this place, how can I visit, invest and experience this setting and lifestyle you ask…. OJOCHAL.

Ojochal is a small village, named after the Ojoche Tree which just 20 years ago was nothing more than a beautiful landscape between the frontier communities of Dominical / Uvita and the gateways to the Osa of Palmar Sur and Norte. Much has changed in these past two decades which began with some of the pioneer investors and residents which came mainly from Europe and from the French provinces of Canada. These first residents, who due to the location and lack of international attention, created a core community who thrived and prided itself on integrated the love for the stunning natural beauty, beaches and waterfalls of the region, along with important traces of the European culture and roots of its first populace. That recipe and fusion has made for an incredibly rich experience for anyone visiting.

The food, wine and cultural scene in this sleepy town rival the quality of anywhere in Costa Rica and many places in the world. They are boutique wine and cheese stores, amazing French Bakery, Gourmet bistros inspired by the finest in French Culinary traditional and of course you local options with fresh fish, rice, beans, and locally sourced produce and fruits. The allure of this place is that you get the sophistication of amazing cuisine, wine and a fusion of cultures, without any of the pretentious facades which sometimes accompanies a sophisticated gastronomic offering. If white gloves and designer clothes are as important to you as the quality of food, warmth of your hosts and beauty of the setting.. best not to come. If you are someone who doesn’t mind GREAT FOOD, GREAT INTERNATIONALLY INSPIRED CONVERSATIONS and FRIENDSHIPS, FINE WINES, in a BEAUTIFUL SETTING but simple and where your only fashion decisions are which flip flops to wear.. welcome home.

It is important to note that while the cultural and food scene here is one of the most unique elements, the natural setting in Ojochal is incredibly dynamic as well. The community is blessed with a location just minutes away from some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful and secluded beaches, like Playa Ventanas, Playa Pinuelas, Playa Tortuga and Isla Garza. There are waterfalls all around but two of the areas finest are the Ojochal Waterfall and the iconic Pavon Waterfall, known for the large boulder which is wedged between two rock walls just above the falls. Ojochal is about serenity and views as well and the rolling topography, once nearly all cattle land has been reclaimed, reforested and allows nearly all of the properties here their own unique views and privacy, whilst still being part of the core community.

There are a host of bed and breakfast, guest homes here and a variety of communities to choose from so whether you are the recluse looking for total autonomy or someone who wants a bigger sense of community around your home, Ojochal can accommodate you and the market is responding to this dynamic destination. Ojochal is an area where beauty, international culture, cuisine collide in the best sense of the word with the authenticity and core DNA of Costa Rica itself. Real estate here is still a TREMENDOUS value compared to other destinations and this gateway to the southern zone has a bright future ahead.