The Best of Interior Design and Architecture Meet In This 4-Apartment Complex

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3 min readMar 17, 2021

This gorgeous complex of four fully furnished apartments can be a unique luxurious multi-family compound, or a lifestyle investment; it’s your choice. Either way, these four apartments incorporate the most tasteful finishes, the amenities and convenience of living near the city, yet the charm and tranquility that comes from being perched in the mountains. At an incredibly competitive price, they are bound to stun your guests with their stylish decor and outstanding panoramic view of The Greater Metropolitan Area.

The first apartment features one level that includes one bedroom, one bathroom, and an open area that encompasses the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Its exquisite decor is the perfect contrast for its white walls and floor. The second apartment has two stories: the first level features the kitchen with granite countertops, the living room, and one of the bedrooms with its bathroom. It also includes its signature stylish decor contrasting with the snow-white walls and marble tone floors. The second level hosts the second bedroom with ample glass doors that overlook the central valley, and a spacious bathroom with a double sink vanity.

Exquisite interior design

When you slide into apartment number three you are immediately struck by how different yet cohesive the decor is. The white walls remain but the floor subtly changes to wood-look tile, giving you the rustic look of wood but the durability of tile. This one has its bedroom, bathroom, and dining area distributed over one floor. The last apartment also boasts two stories that merge seamlessly with an elegant staircase, granite countertops in the kitchen, and accent lights throughout.

These four apartments are the creation of none other than renowned architect Noel Caravaca, and their modern and stylish decor have the French designer/owner’s signature taste, which makes them not only a great piece of architectural design but also the epitome of impeccable interior decor. Moreover, the location of this compound is also incredibly advantageous as it sits on top of a mountain next to the forest reserve Hacienda La Chimba yet is only a couple of minutes away from famed Santa Ana Town Center and City Place. This makes it the perfect place to unplug minutes away from the city.

Beautiful Common Areas

There is ample parking outside of the apartments, and three of them have a private terrace which is the perfect spot to enjoy the infinite views. This compound truly consolidates the amenities of living in the city with the tranquility of the mountains, and its one-of-a-kind design and decor truly elevates it to another league. Don’t miss the chance of owning this spectacular complex at a truly attractive price, and schedule a visit with Mariel Gracia right now.