The Rainforest Estate: The Perfect House to Call Home

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3 min readFeb 24, 2021

Walking into this residence makes you feel like you’ve walked into your dream home. Its luxurious finishes are impeccable but unlike so many homes whose finishes can make them LOOK great but feel cold and uninviting, this luxury estate just FEELS warm and like home. The ample foyer, high ceilings, spacious kitchen, and open floor plan which brings the outdoor and indoor space together make it the perfect place to host a family gathering or entertain guests.

The abundant use of the highest quality wood in the window frames, columns, floors, stairs, and guardrails add a feeling of warmth and coziness that truly accentuates the smoothness of its walls; furthermore, other contrasting finishes include intricate tile designs in the bathrooms along with glass doors. Additionally, the abundance of windows favors natural lightning and adds space to the already ample house. One of the most amazing features of the home is the free form, custom pool which is finished in a luxurious imported stone. The pool and spacious terrace with an outdoor dining area are immersed in the rainforest and make for the perfect spot for a barbecue during our eternal summer.

It is also advantageously located inside the community of Rancho Manuel Antonio to offer both a view of the oceanic scenery and the rainforest. Its guests or residents will witness the untamed wildlife, trademark of Costa Rica’s rainforest, at its full potential, as sightings of toucans, sloths, macaws, hummingbirds, and all kinds of butterflies are reported often. The community also has only one entrance which allows for better control of visitors, adding value not only to the property but also to its location.

As if it weren’t spacious enough, this property also has a unique feature that makes it perfect for both a family and an investment. It has an additional space below the kitchen level that can be used for different purposes; buyers looking to invest in this property might want to make use of the additional space to reside while renting the big house on top. This area features a fully equipped kitchen, and an open studio floor plan with a bedroom, living area, a unique stone bathroom, and a private deck. Of course, this area can also be merged with the main house, therefore expanding the amount of space available for bedrooms and consequently its lodging capacity.

This residence proudly boasts a spacious floor plan, the finest finishes, and other luxurious amenities such as an outdoor shower hosted in the pool deck, where you can shower with the singing and chirping of the birds as background. Do not miss out on this opportunity to buy your dream house or dream rental. Schedule a visit with Scott Cutter right away. The Rainforest Estate is only waiting for the defining factor to transform it into a home: you.