The road less traveled to Nosara

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3 min readSep 27, 2019

As Robert Frost once said in his infamous poem The Road Not Taken,

“and I — I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

While I am typically not very poetic, I think that residents and investors whom have chosen Nosara, a small village on the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste, would agree that taking the road to Nosara, while less traveled, has made all the difference. Since the early 70’s, foreigners have been traveling here, to enjoy the world class surfing in waters at Playa Guiones, Pelada, Ostional and others not as well known as the latter. A visionary investor from the US tried to turn it into a golf course, resort community and most members of the community today are glad that plan did not work out. Those that come here, are looking for the road less traveled. They do not mind the bumps in the road, the distance from the international airport and so many of the creature comforts that some of the more bustling destinations in Costa Rica like Tamarindo or Jaco may have to offer. They want to walk the streets in flip flops, carry a surfboard in one arm, and an organic meal in the other… a desire to be in nature, from the surf, to the turtle nesting ground in Ostional, to now what has become a world famous yoga and wellness destination, Nosara is checking the boxes for tourist and investors who are seeking something different.

The gastronomic scene in Nosara has continued to grow and diversify, as has the sophistication of the boutique hotels, yoga retreats as well as custom luxury homes. Many of the homes that have been built here would otherwise go unnoticed as they sit hilltop behind the beaches of Guiones and Ostional with staggering ocean and sunset views, as privacy trends to be high on the wish list for those that chose the path of Nosara. Others, are more noticeable by design, as owners have opted to use the homes as vacation rental properties filling a growing demand of people who are learning and hearing more about Nosara, and the unique qualities that it has to offer.

If the prior did not sound the alarm as a place to check out, perhaps its location within the Blue Zone, where an above average % of the population live past 100, may well be the tipping point. Imagine living or investing in a destination with premiere surfing, sports fishing, yoga, excellent dining alternatives, stunning beaches, nature, adventure, jungle, mountains, impressive investment opportunities and a potential fountain of youth…. Check out Nosara now to find out if the road less traveled to Nosara, is the right one for you….