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3 min readApr 8, 2021
Pool at Wide Mouth Frog

Wide Mouth Frog is a lodging operation in the heart of Manuel Antonio whose success has been driven by the diversity of accommodation options offered. With a long operational history of 15 years, and boasting 24 rooms that range from private suites with ensuite bathrooms to economic dorm rooms with shared baths, this hostel fits the needs and budgets of every visitor, from people looking for a comfortable stay to backpackers just spending the night.

In addition to serving a variety of tastes and preferences, the hotel also includes a management team with the best talent in the area: friendly, customer-service-oriented employees that handle the operation while the owners enjoy the high returns coming from their investment from afar. Of course, these returns could be potentially amplified if the new owners decided to operate it themselves.

The distribution of the hotel features 8 suites with private bathrooms, 12 economy rooms with shared bathrooms, and 4 dorm rooms. The pool area has been recently renovated, and it also includes an indoor restaurant offering breakfast, a communal dining room for guests to cook, and a myriad of common areas to enjoy. Of course, a reception area can be found as well as a two-bedroom manager’s home.

The hostel also has a privileged commercial frontage road that connects to other major supermarkets, restaurants, and bars, making it walking distance to all the hotspots of this town, including busy bus stops and terminals. Moreover, it is centrally located in Quepos, giving you walking distance to the national park and the marina, and only one block away from the bus terminal.

Quepos is the home of the world-renowned Manuel Antonio National Park, and Marina Pez Vela, where thousands of visitors enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica and indulge in the eclectic mix of mountains and beaches. Wide Mouth Frog presents itself as a secure, turn-key investment profitable all year round. Amongst the ups and downs of high-end luxury hospitality operations, this hostel has withstood the test of time and continues to bring income for its owners.

The edification is engineered to be expanded vertically, an option that if pursued could also maximize the lodging capacity and make it more profitable. Additionally, because of its distribution, it is also an ideal venue for digital nomads looking to settle in Costa Rica, as the bedroom count can be transformed into coworking spaces.

Rooms at Wide Mouth Frog

The growth of remote working has transformed Costa Rica from just an ideal tourist destination to a nation that has the right infrastructure, entertainment, and cost of living to take on the challenge of being the number one country for digital nomadism. A bill is currently in progress to grant a special category visa to foreigners entering the country with the desire of working remotely, allowing them to stay for a year and drive with their country’s license, as well as exempting them of any income taxes.

If you are looking to build your dream life in Costa Rica and want to invest in a property with high potential for returns, then Wide Mouth Frog is an opportunity that you can’t miss. Inquire about this unique chance by contacting Scott Williams.