Tulemar: Tropical luxury incarnate.

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3 min readApr 12, 2023


Highly regarded by expert publications as one of the world’s best hotel developments, Tulemar is one of Manuel Antonio’s definitive real estate highlights.

The mental image many people have of Costa Rica is most likely based on Manuel Antonio’s incredible natural icons. From its dense tropical rainforest, bursting with lush and exotic vegetation, going through its paradisiacal and pristine white-sand beaches, all the way to its charming inhabitants like the famous sloths, capuchin monkeys, toucans and scarlet macaws, Manuel Antonio works as a microcosm of what most seek out in this small Central American nation.

Tulemar Bungalows & Villas, one of Manuel Antonio’s most acclaimed and decorated developments, has built its reputation by fully embracing the area’s wondrous natural allure. The mixed-used residential and tourist project is based on an expansive, 30-acre area that goes through the vibrant jungle treetops all the way to the majestic beachfront and its protected bay area. This blessed setting is an integral part of Tulemar’s design ethos, providing residents and visitors an immersive experience where privacy and tranquility come as first priority.

Despite its vast grounds, Tulemar only hosts around 50 bungalows, committing to a distinguished and truly boutique feel. From small individual villas to some of the most astonishing luxury estates in the Central Pacific region, every property within Tulemar boasts stylish modern design, high-end amenities and an inspired dialogue with its exuberant surroundings.

In terms of its infrastructure and conveniences, Tulemar blends the gorgeous ecological aura with tasteful comforts, like a 24-hour gated entry feature, asphalted internal roads, three different pools, and a full-service restaurant. For those wanting to fully transport themselves to the all-encompassing wellness of the jungle, rainforest hiking trails and a scientific research center that monitors sloth behavior are also part of Tulemar’s rich grounds.

Perhaps one of the most talked about aspects of Tulemar is its “private beach”. The latter term is technically not a reality under Costa Rican law, however, Tulemar does feature an exclusive and secluded strip of beach that’s only reachable from within its complex, meaning the warm tropical waters, soft sands and refreshing shadow of the palm trees are essentially all to the residents and guests of this magnificent development.

Given its unparalleled sense of arrival and sprawling natural wonders, it’s easy to forget that Tulemar is actually right in front of Manuel Antonio’s main road, within arm’s reach of one of the most diverse and highly rated roster of international cuisine, activities and nightlife in the Central Pacific. As an investment opportunity, there’s really not much more one can offer. After all, Tulemar has consistently ranked within the world’s top 10 hotels in the last couple of years according to TripAdvisor, as far as reaching #1 hotel in the world in 2022.

If one were to define tropical luxury through one development, Tulemar will be one of the most accurate descriptions that could be had.