What are biological corridors and why are they important in Costa Rica?

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2 min readAug 23, 2022


Given the wide array of interlocking ecosystems in Costa Rica, it’s no surprise that the country has made an active effort of safeguarding what is not only an essential part of the ticos national identity, but also one of the main draws of the country as a destination. Sure, the country has amazing beaches and an infectious, easy-going atmosphere, but what really sets apart Costa Rica is the sheer diversity of experiences it can offer within its relatively small size. From paradisiacal, virgin beaches to immersive stretches of rainforest and cloudy mountainside, within a couple hours of driving through Costa Rica you can be fully transported to a whole other world.

What you see on your way to each destination is what’s called a biological corridor, a geographical zone where two or more ecosystems connect. In these corridors, different types of flora and fauna interact with each other, expanding the area’s biological diversity over time. Given how these stretches work as a meeting zone and an influx point for different habitats, they have an essential role for natural adaptability, a fact that grows in importance given the increasing effects of climate change.

In terms of Costa Rican legislation, a biological corridor is described as a national territory (be it continental or marine) where different protected areas meet each other. MINAE’s decree number 40043 supports the conservation of these areas as a way of securing the biodiversity and ecological and evolutionary processes inherent to Costa Rica’s wildlife, but their roles are even more relevant nowadays, in a society actively seeking for sustainability.

A biological corridor not only creates connections and allows for transit between different species, but also serves as the ideal setting for alternative development, natural resource management and ecological restoration. That’s why protecting them and their surrounding communities is an essential step for Costa Rica to continue developing as one of the world’s leading nations in ecological matters.

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