Would you spend another pandemic in the same house?

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2 min readAug 24, 2020

I would personally say these past months have shaken everyone’s life in some aspect because lets be honest, no one saw this one coming. This pandemic has not been like the 2008 Wall Street Outbreak or the 2012 financial recession, this health crisis has been all around the world, but I believe every crisis brings good outbursts into society. Life needs its ups and downs if not it becomes boring or we are dead.

The past months have been a roller coaster in many aspects: a lot of people have died; many businesses went bankrupt and traveling and even transportation have decreased or even got banned. But it also had many great repercussions like a time to enjoy more with loved ones and family, a time to switch and make the most of technology whether is for a job, business or even education, the environment is giving birth again and great investment opportunities are popping.

In my industry I have never seen the market so active, as my boss Todd Cutter says, “This is a buyer’s market” and lot of price reductions of breathtaking properties are appearing day by day and sight unseen transactions are being made. I didn’t come to you to only talk about real estate in COVID-19 times; this time home made me realize one thing: would I spend another pandemic in the same house, and I ask you the same question: Would you spend another pandemic in your current home?

I asked this to my relatives and family and the answer was a common denominator; they wouldn’t. Many clients of mine realized they want a place to call home that has green space to relax instead of a vertical development with no garden while others told me they would love a smaller residence with more amenities and security to live in while they are on the beach. That is what crisis makes to society; question things, good and bad. I realized a home is a place where one spends many hours and years in so you might want to choose a place you like to call your home because as I always say, “A house is a life project”.

Would you spend another pandemic in your current home?

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